Scott Kelby
Photoshop Insider


Had the opportunity to use the fPlate tonight for the first time and absolutely love it. Easy access to my pocket wizard battery compartment without removing it from the plate makes replacing batteries simple and fast.... Great product.

Joe Brady

Webinar #17 Invisible Second Shooter

See what Joe Brady, with PocketWizard, has to say about using the fPlate.

Susan Candelario
SDC Photography

Tripods are not allowed at Top of the rock and I knew I wanted to do some HDR (high dynamic range) images from up above, so I had to improvise. I had recently purchased an fPlate in order to be able to place a camera or flash unit and pocket wizard in a strategic position and be able to fire the camera remotely while photographing events. Little did I know that I would be using it for anything else and I honestly have to say it worked like a charm.

CH Sportshooter
Pro Photographer

Cornwall, NY

Great for travel!
I was traveling with a mini tri-pod for remote placement at college gymnastics meets, would occasionally be bumped, and knocked over, not with this design! The fPlate is as low as you can go! I have even put it under a judge's table for Beam etc. I use Pocket wizards, and there is a mounting spot for that as well, keeping the profile low. Takes my 1DX with 70-200 without a problem.

Chris Post
Pro Photographer

Lehigh Valley, PA

Excellent Product!
The fPlate is a great addition to any camera bag. Having met Dave the developer/designer some years ago and purchasing one directly from him, I am thrilled to see B&H stocking this item. I have used the fPlate in a wide variety of applications, it is sturdy enough to support a D700 with a 70-200 mounted on in.

Vinny C.
Pro Photographer

New Jersey

My best 2nd shooter!
I have been using the fPlate for years now and its perfect for a floor remote. The fPlate is sturdy and strong but still fits easily in your camera bag. I have used it at multiple sporting events and plays/performances. It's an awesome brother to your magic arm when you cannot post your remote at an elevated station. Love the position of the stationed pocket-wizard, makes it easy to check and adjust if needed.

Eric Canha
Pro Photographer

Boston, MA

Designed by one of us for us!
The fPlate was designed by a photographer for photographers. They've designed great product for rigging a stable remote camera. Just add your favorite ball head and you are ready to go. This is solid and sturdy with cutouts for your pocket wizard. My plate has provided great stability when covering basketball and on turf shooting soccer. Just love this thing.

Not to be dismissed is the customer service that you will get. Recently I lost the mounting screw that came with the fPlate for my ball head. I figured it would be easy to find a replacement screw at Home Depot... No luck at any of the retailers around. When I reached out to the folks at fPlate they had one in the mail to me the next day at no charge.

A must have for putting down remotes when you can't or don't want to use a magic arm.

Dan G.
Semi-pro Photographer

Litchfield, MN

Usefull item
I have been using this produce for about 6 months. Works great for those dramatic angles. And in places where a tripod will take up too much room.

Edward Diller
Edward Diller Photography Inc.

Had the chance to setup a remote floor camera for the SUNY New Paltz Womens Basketball game. Camera was setup on the baseline about 6 feet back and triggered with a pocket wizard. Love using this plate.

Steve McLaughlin
Pro Photographer

Hartford, CT

Great product to expand your creativity
Wonderfully designed product - everything has been thought of. The ability to attached a pocket wizard to the base makes it stand out from other floor plates. It's lightweight yet extremely strong. I'd recommend it to any professional sports or nature photographer.

Michael Lloyd

I just picked up an fPlate. I put an RRS BH20 ball head on it. I bought it for shooting sports and weddings but last night I tried it for some time lapse footage. Even with a ball head this fPlate is very light. I can see it going into my back pack and being used to hold one end of the rail up as well as a number of other uses.

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