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Single Floor Plate

A Simpler Floor Plate

Simply put, when I set out to design a floor plate for myself I thought of all the things I believed would make it simpler and easier to use. How hard is a floor plate to use? Well to tell the truth it's really a no brainer.

But after a few nights of setting up the remote and breaking it down night after night. I thought wouldn't it be nice if I could just leave everything attached from one venue to the next. Sure, but why did I bother to attach the remote only to have to un-attach it to put in some fresh juice.

As you might have noticed from the product images there is a cut-out. I know your thinking handles right.... Nope, the cut-out is positioned so that access to the battery compartment is easily accessible. Just pick up the floor plate (camera and all) flip it over, and pop in a couple of fresh AA's.

Now at the end of the event simply pick up your set-up all in one shot. Think about the last championship game you shot and saw the home crowd getting ready to rush the court...... No scrambling around to gather up the un-secured receiver.

Add any "PRO" ball head and go ahead mount that 400mm f/2.8.